1.To place an order, do I need an account?

Yes, in order to validate the buyer's identity, an account must be created.You can check the pending deliveries and add products to your Wishlist using this option.When you sign up for an account, the only information sent to your email will be about your orders.

2.How do I buy something?

Any item can be purchased from our store.Select ADD TO CART when you find an item.Check out the items in your cart that will always be displayed. You can change the quantity or even remove any chosen items from there.Click on CHECKOUT to proceed, and after reviewing all of the information, click on CONFIRM ORDER to confirm your order.Please be aware that you will need to sign in or register to place the order.

3.What should I do if I forget my password?

Follow the FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD procedure to reset your password.instructions, and a link to reset your password will be sent to the MY ACCOUNT page.

4.How will I know which items can be purchased online?

There will be an "Add to Cart" button above the image of the product if it is available for purchase online. If there are any issues with availability, you will be contacted.

5.When placing an online order, what type of payment is required?

Cash on delivery is used to pay.

6.Where can I receive my order?

Your order can be delivered to any location in Lebanon!Please visit our Delivery Information section for additional details.

7.What is the time table for delivery?

Following the purchase order, your package will be delivered to the address you provided within three to five business days.Your purchase will be subject to a delivery fee.